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2014-2015: Cleaning up formatting and html on Wordpress pages, finding/uploading/relinking missing images in the craft and party sections of the website. (Work in progress.) Previous 2005-2013: Set up wiki structure and imported templates and fixed code, moderator, wrote user guides, podcast transcribing, moving old podcast html transcription pages over to new Wordpress website pages. www.the-leaky-cauldron.org


2010-2015: Coded and researched and wrote content for new and existing Wikipedia pages for clients and friends such as Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Beau Sorenson, and Steve Johnson (special effects artist).


2014-2015: Travel coordinator for all conference special invited guests. 2013: Logistics. Organized photos for PR efforts. 2012: Co-head/coordinator of over 200 onsite volunteers. Programming team selecting which proposals to accept for conference round tables, panels, workshops. 2010-2011: Tech team. Helped code newsletter email blasts and social media website-posted newsletters, coded CSS on social media sites to match the look of the LeakyCon official website. www.geekycon.com


2004-2005: Website assistant. With 300+ website pages, the old website had become difficult to navigate and use because of the volume of info presented on webpages and in forms, policy pdfs, and reports. There were also 1000’s of important external and internal links, especially ones to orgs with research grant money available. I reviewed all of these and using Dreamweaver, html, and CSS I made new pages for the whole website that weren’t just copies of the old pages but that restructured much of the content and links so that it was easier for people at different points in the research and grant process to find what they needed. I also took care of all the daily updating of news sections and content and replacing or removing of old or broken external links. research.ku.edu

About Me

In 2004 I fell head over heels in love with the Harry Potter online fandom community. Forums, websites, and blogs like LiveJournal and Blogger let us keep up-to-date about the news of books and movie releases, read interviews and quotes from the author, publishers, and film makers, and hash out every theory imaginable with other fans who eventually became some of our closest friends. I loved the way that the Internet could bring us together, so I taught myself things such as html, css, php, Wordpress, Dreamweaver, and Wikimedia (what powers Wikipedia). I went to work as an assistant to a university webmaster, I joined the staff at a Harry Potter website, I took 18 credit hours of computer programming at UMKC, I accepted IT and programming jobs. Fandom began to move into the real world more and more. I used my experience as a theater stage manger and techie to help friends put on wizard rock shows and Harry Potter conferences.

The Internet and social media are always changing. But it's still about connecting, about community, about finding where we belong, and finding others who share our hopes, dreams, ambitions, our ideals.