LeakyCon & GeekyCon – Conference Logistics

Conference attended by 1000’s of geeks, YA book lovers, and Harry Potter fans each year.

Apr 2014-Sept 2015

Travel Coordinator – Flight and ground transport research and booking. Onsite 24/7 phone support for special guest travelers and their families. Multi-day conferences in Orlando, Florida in 2014 and 2015. Links: GeekyCon website, LeakyCon website.

May-Aug 2013

Image organization for future PR – For both the LeakyCon conferences in Portland, Oregon, and London, organized all photos taken by our professional photographer into categories for use on future-year websites, social media accounts, and press releases.

Spring & Summer 2013

Programming guide editing – Helped organize and edit special guest bios for the programming guide books.

Spring 2013

Special guest and staff meals research – For the LeakyCon conference held in London, did staff and special guest meal research. Assembled info on all food options within walking and delivery distance of the venue and hotel. Assembled menus, delivery costs and hours, pickup addresses and locations, walking distances.

Jun-Aug 2012

Volunteer Coordinator – One of the 3 co-heads over 100+ attendee volunteers that worked registration check-in, manning doors, checking badges, and selling at our merch booth. We chose, organized, scheduled, and trained them. Oversaw volunteers on-site, with my area of focus being the special guest signing rooms.

May-Aug 2012

Programming Team – Choose which proposed panels, round-table discussions, and fun non-mainstage event proposals to accept for the conference.

July 2011

Various onsite logistics – Stuffed name tags and grab bags. Manned the Harry Potter midnight movie ticket handout desk. Sold conference shirts and merch at our vendor. Chose and ran music for the costume run-way show.

Jan-Oct 2010

Media and Communications Team – see websilks.com/portfolio/leakycon-coder

May 2009

Various onsite logistics – Stuffed name tags and grab bags. Checked badges at doors of wizard rock-related panels and presentations. Babysat A/V system and did mic handoffs for Wizrocklopedia Awards presentation.


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