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The Leaky Cauldron (TLC) website had converted its tens of thousands of posts, pages, and images from a custom-built CMS powered by Ruby on Rails, to a WordPress one. Diligently checked over 900 craft, pattern, and receipt pages that are important to the site’s reputation and rankings. Fixed special characters and HTML that had converted wonky, removed old inline CSS, fixed broken photo embeds, updated category tags. Jul 2014 – Apr 2016.

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Gryffindor scarf pattern

Helped start a wiki (LeakyPedia) of Harry Potter book and movie plots, characters, spells, etc using MediaWiki software. Imported and adapted templates from Wikipedia to use on the wiki. Wrote user guides for wiki member contributors and staff. Recruited and trained fellow staff to help me. LeakyPedia is no longer online, but TLC news posts about it are here.

The Leaky Cauldron's old wiki

Transcribed PotterCast podcast episodes as well as some website special guest interviews. Old website no longer online but episode summaries are here, RSS audio feeds are here, and about 180 regular transcripts are on the Internet Archive. Worked with my fellow team members to set standards for formatting of transcripts. For several live podcasts at events and conferences in Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Illinois, and New York, I helped with load-in of equipment and selling of website and podcast-related merch.

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Moderated, wrote questions, and helped choose topics for round-table chat discussions (The Corner Booth) that we held in an IRC-style chat on the site several hours each week. Moderated the related Leaky Lounge subforum where we publicized upcoming topics and schedule, posted post-discussion transcripts, and helped users learn to use the chat. Helped plan and run special once-monthly holiday-themed events on the forum and other parts of the TLC website that involved contests, hunts, puzzles, games, trivia, and fictional characters interacting with regular member accounts – similar to what you see these days on some parts of Twitter.

LeakyLounge forum

Moderator and low-level admin for the Chamber of Chat – 3D chat world where users could move their avatars from room to room, talk to each other, and shoot Harry Potter-type spells that effected others’ avatars. Moderated both in the chat world and in the Leaky Lounge subforum. Trained new moderators, approved new user accounts, reset passwords, ran stored SQL procedures to find and remove duplicate accounts of problematic banned users. 2005 – 2006.

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